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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


Your specialists in Honey Extraction in New Zealand

Honey Hives ready for Extraction

Your daily dose of goodness

Creamy, golden delicous goodness, brimming with nutrients and antioxidents. 100% pure and a powerful superfood. So good for you.

Parakore honey are based in Otago — one of the south and most pristine regions. We source our honey from across South Island locations to provide the most pure and delightful honey. 

New Zealand is one of the first countries that pops up when searching for quality honey. The type of flowers from our native trees and flowers include, kamahi, manuka, kanuka, pohutakawa, rewarewa and rata. Each honey created by these variety of honeys, creates its very own unique and distinct flavour. 


New Zealand Honey is a legendry healthy substitute for sugar. As such it is great for weight loss but is also full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. People often use honey orally to treat coughs and colds and topically to treat burns or wounds. 

Parakore Honey have their very own honey house, so we can have complete control of our processing and packaging, to guarantee that our product is delivered in its most natural form! 

We can also offer outside beekeepers extraction and packaging options for extraction. 

Ensuring your honey is store ready

Our Honey

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