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Global Suppliers of New Zealand Honey 

Parakore Honey - Leading New Zealand Honey Packers

Parakore Honey are one of New Zealands leading suppliers of Premium New Zealand Honey. We have a constant supply of quality honey in a range of flavours.

We have a new Export RMP approved honey extraction and packing facility.


Parakore Honey have a robust and proven quality management system. Part of which includes being able to trace our honey from the the hive to the pantry.

Delicious South Island honey

We source a wide variety of flavours of honey from across key locations in the prestine South Island region:

Our honey is collected from beekeepers that practice only organic beekeeping methods and as such, you can be guaranteed that you are receiving the purest best tasting New Zealand Honey.


Our honey is available in your own retail ready packaging or as a bulk packaged product for ingredients or cosmetic use.

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Complete the form requesting amount and flavour in the Notes section and we will get back to you with a quote.

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