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Honey Extraction Plant, Otago

Parakore Honey are your specialists in Honey Extraction and Packing of honey in Otago, New Zealand.  We operate under an Export Risk Management Programme administered by the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries so you can rest assured your honey is in good hands.

Whether you are large commerical apiarist or a small hobby beekeeper we have the best solutions for you.  Learn more about our Honey Extraction or make an enquiry today. 

All beekeepers must be fully registered with both MPI and the AFB Pest Management Agency. We can facilitate a full range of testing on your behalf. We have a full Export Risk Management Programme in place. If you are looking for a premium price for your honey and looking to Export it overseas, you will need to complete this form

Our services include: 

  • Extracting (Export RMP certified facility) 

  • Blending

  • Creaming

  • Packing  into Jars, Buckets and Drums — we can supply jars but if you have your own, please  let us know. 

  • Wax Processing by spinning

  • Filtering from 400um to 200um

The Process: 

  • The process starts with the super being placed in the hot room for 2 to 3 days; this allows the super to warm up to 34 degrees. 

  • Next, the frames are placed in the un-capper, where the wax is cut off and processed through the new wax press. 

  • The wax is stored and returned to the Beekeeper. 

  • From the un-capper, the frame is processed with the Picker; this loosens the honey pre-spinning. 

  • From the Spinner, the honey flows to the Wax spinner, where the remaining wax is removed. 

  • The final process is to filter the honey; the first filter is a 400um, then to our new 200 um filter. 

  • The final step is the blending to ensure the taste and colour is consistent.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with other beekepers and build our network. It is from the sharing of knowledge that we can all become better at what we do.

If you are looking for a honey extraction plant in Otago, please complete the form below and our friendly staff will be in touch.


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