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HiveEnergy Sponsors Team at HYROX 2024: A Formidable Partnership

Meet the HiveEnergy Sponsored Athletes Competing at HYROX Brisbane 2024


What is Hyrox?


HYROX is the latest world craze in Fitness racing. It is in Brisbane on August 17th. HYROX is a functional test of fitness comprising 8 x 1km runs mixed with 8 stations, including sled pushes, burpee broad jumps, and a 1km row, to name a few


The race format remains consistent worldwide, enabling global leaderboards and cumulative World Championships at the end of each race season.


HYROX is set to come to NZ early next year! 


Meet The HiveEnergy Team


Abby Stevens

Abby is a full-time rehabilitation specialist who helps clients return to work, sport, or daily life from various injuries through tailored exercise. She is also a Les Mills group fitness trainer and presenter. 

As an ex-high-level Gymnast, Abby was drawn to Hyrox's competitive and challenging nature. She looks forward to the build-up to the event and seeing just how much she can transform her athletic ability to perform on the day. 

AJ McKenzie

AJ, a dedicated Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at Les Mills, has taken on an exhilarating new challenge this year by deciding to compete in Hyrox. Seeking to push herself beyond her limits and explore uncharted territories, AJ has embraced the opportunity to participate in Hyrox as a chance to test her capabilities and venture outside her comfort zone. The intense training regimen for Hyrox has not only revealed AJ's true potential but has also ignited a fire within her to continue evolving and growing stronger for the upcoming competition in Brisbane.


Zane Elliman

Zane is a Police Officer here in Dunedin, and he's also a proud father to his son, Noah. Exciting news - he's gearing up to compete in Hyrox Melbourne AND Brisbane! Zane has been craving a new challenge, and he believes that Hyrox is the perfect fit for him. He's eager to push himself further, stay committed to his training, and take on some of the fittest individuals worldwide. Who knows, maybe Zane will catch the Hyrox bug and dive into even more thrilling competitions ahead! Good luck, Zane!

Nathan Jones

Nathan, with over 20 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, is known for setting high expectations and pushing athletes out of their comfort zones to help them reach their full potential.

He was looking for a physical challenge this year where he could put himself to the test. He wanted an opportunity to push his limits, both mentally and physically, and see what he was truly capable of achieving.

HYROX was the perfect event. It also brought together our team, who help each other prepare and push through the hard times. 


HiveEnergy wishes the team all the best for the competition! We are excited to follow your journey and look forward to assisting with your energy requirements! Your hard work, dedication, and teamwork have brought you this far. Good luck, and have a blast showcasing your talent and teamwork in Brisbane!

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