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Inside the Hive: So you want to be a Beekeeper?

Updated: May 11, 2023

People often ask us how to start in the beekeeping business, so we thought we would throw a few basics out there for those considering the hobby.

  1. Research......Google is obviously great for this, but you can't beat a good old read, our recommendations are: Practical Beekeeping in NZ (5th Edition) and Elimination of AFB

  2. Attend a course. These are usually held usually in the weekends or evening and book up fast. In the Otago region contact Chris Fraser from Fraser Bees

  3. Source your beekeeping materials - don't purchase second hand unless you can be confident they are disease free. Once again we are lucky in the Otago region to have a wealth of knowledge from Brian Pilley from Beeline Supplies with over 25 years experience.

  4. Buying Bees.....the best time of the year is at the start of the season, when the beekeepers are splitting off their hives. Make sure you purchase from a DECA (Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement) certified beekeeper. This will ensure that you are purchasing bees that are free from disease.

  5. As with any hobby, industry or business, some regions have better methods and techniques that work better than others. Hook yourself up with a local mentor. Not only will they provide you with sound advice, but they may open doors and opportunities and help form interesting networks.....we are open to sharing our knowledge on where to connect with folks, and for the small fee of a good coffee, we can even share a few handy tips!

reach out to us on if you have any questions.

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