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HiveEnergy - Native Bush 12 Per Box

HiveEnergy - Native Bush 12 Per Box

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Hive Energy - 100% Natural Sports Fuel




As an athlete, maintaining peak performance is crucial to your success. Fueling your body with the right energy source can make all the difference in reaching your goals. HiveEnergy®  offers a 100% natural energy fuel designed specifically for athletes like you.


The flavour profile of this unique blend includes the sweetness of honey sourced from the Pohutukawa, Kanuka, and Manuka trees, complemented by a delicate floral undertone from the later summer flowering species. 


Manuka and Kanuka are renowned for their exceptional medicinal properties, making them highly sought-after in the field of natural remedies. Manuka, in particular, is known for its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, which have been widely utilized in various forms of traditional medicine. Its close relative, Kanuka, also boasts therapeutic benefits such as wound healing and immune-boosting properties. Both plants have been extensively studied for their efficacy in treating a range of health conditions, further solidifying their status as valuable botanical resources in the realm of natural medicine.




Expected to be shipped by Early June

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