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Raw Clover Drizzle

Raw Clover Drizzle

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Welcome the "Drizzle Range".....same honey but new "drizzle" squeezy bottles. Squeezable bottle with a unique non-drip valve and flip cap, it’s easy to use with one hand. No more messy honey drips in the pantry or kitchen table!!!


Our raw clover honey is often referred to as "Runny Honey". As such, it is perfect to use in baking and cooking, either as a sugar replacement or in marinades and dressings.  If you prefer your honey creamed we also offer a rich cream clover honey.

As an unpasturised honey, this means that the honey retains its natural vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. The honey boxes are carefully taken to the extracting plant, where it is put through the extractor drawing the liquid honey out of the combs. It is filtered, but not at a fine level, which means it contains the goodnes of its pollen. No creaming of heating takes place in this process. Why would we change a product that the bees have already perfected?

Raw Clover honey will never spoil, however it may crystalize over time. You can either enjoy it crystallized or slowly heat the jar in warm water to return it to its natural form.

Clover is a rich perennial forage which is hugely important in the New Zealand dairy industry. Not only is it a high source of food for the bees, but it is a legume. This means that the requirment for nitrogen fertilisers is less, having a major benefit for the environment. The raw clover honey is source from only the most prestine areas of New Zealands bush and pastures. From its flowers the bees gather nectar to produce this beautiful sweet honey with a delicate taste.

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Our raw clover honey is kept as natural and full of nutrition as possible. Our Raw New Zealand Clover Honey comes from the dominant clover species which is so highly desirable in New Zealand pastures.Parakore Raw Honey is a clear dark honey with a thick smooth texture and a mild, subtle taste. It is unpasteurised, and to retain a higher level of pollen we don’t filter to an extra fine level. It is highly sort after for cooking and baking, can be drizzled over desserts or used in marinades and dressings. Another great sweetner for Tea or Coffee as an alternative to sugar.

Available in 500g or 1kg

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