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Terms and Conditions for Sponsored Athletes 

Terms and Conditions for Sponsored Athletes


  1. Sponsored Athletes must be between the ages of 14 and 24.

  2. Sponsorships are for one particular event on a set date.

  3. HiveEnergy has the right to select an athlete at any time within the month of the application period, depending on registrations and entry closing dates. If the athlete for that period is chosen, you will receive an email outlining this. As such, we recommend athletes plan ahead for applications to events.

  4. Applicants agree to be added to our database and receive regular promotions and updates on any Parakore Honey (Parent Company) products.

  5. If applicants are under the age of 18, their application must include legal guardian approval.

  6. All applicants must follow us on either or both our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  7. HiveEnergy will provide the logos and brand guidelines to selected athletes which must be followed. The logo must be included in any athletes’ newsletters, personal websites, and social media platforms. HiveEnergy is to be listed as a personal sponsor.

  8. Selected Athletes must keep us informed of results by emailing their point of contact at HiveEnergy with any relevant good-quality photos attached

  9. Athletes must ‘tag’ @ HiveEnergyNZ - Facebook and @ hiveenergynz – Instagram in media posts (including social media).

  10. The sponsorship is for one event only and must be used for the event that is on the application.

  11. Injured athletes must advise HiveEnergy within 48 hours of any such circumstance that prevents you or may prevent you from competing in the event for which you have received this sponsorship.

  12. Athletes will behave and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects HiveEnergy’s culture and values or they will forfeit their sponsored portion of the entry and return any merch provided.

  13. Athletes must be based in New Zealand

  14. The sponsorship package includes:

  • HiveEnergy T-Shirt

  • Event related costs (up to $150.00 NZ)

  • 2 x Boxes of HiveEnergy

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