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Beehive Tours Dunedin, Otago

Are you looking for the ultimate sightseeing tours Dunedin has to offer?  

Are you looking for the ideal Dunedin excursion for your family? Ever driven past beehives in a paddock and wondered what happens inside the beehive? Or maybe while you're enjoying a thick layer of honey on your toast, you've wondered how many bees it took to make it.  Or perhaps you love good food and are keen to know more about bringing it from hive to jar? 

Our beekeeping experiences are perfect for you to learn all about Bees. Come along as a group a family-friendly activity that's perfect for all ages. Our group numbers are capped at eight to ensure you enjoy fast-paced, all-you-need-to-know-tour about bees and honey in a 3-4 hour window! What you'll see will vary depending on the season and weather.

At a minimum, your itinerary will include:

  • We will travel to a site close to Mosgiel

  • You can expect to see under the lids of 3 to 4 hives and observe the Bees at Work.

  • We'll try and find the queen bee,

  • Learn about the cycle of the Honey Bee

  • How honey is traced from the hive to the Jar

  • You might even taste raw honey out of the hive

  • Check out the processing house, from extraction to packing

  • And the opportunity to buy packed honey from the hives! 

  • Lunch stop if requested

Our tours are by appointment and leave at 10 am, but make sure you book so we have our favourite beekeeper onsite and ready to take you on an adventure. The ideal time of the year for honey production is November, December, January or February, however, outside of these times, we will still ensure you have the best Dunedin sight seeing experience ever! The minimum number is 4, and the maximum is 10

If you have your own transport, this would be an advantage.

Extra Costs:

You may choose to bring NZ Cash with you - there will be thee opportunity to  purchase your lunch if requested, and of course to purchase some local honey! - Suggested amount $60 NZ Cash.

Health & Safety

  • Wearing closed shoes is a must.

  • If you feel anxious around bees, the best advice is to wear an extra layer.

  • You'll be well protected in our bee suits, but long pants and tops will always protect you further, and it's much easier to get into your bee suit in shorts or pants than in a skirt or dress!

  • There's always the chance of getting stung, so if you know you're allergic, please let us know before you head out so we can ensure we've got measures in place to keep you safe. 


Adults $119 +GST

Children $49 +GST

Transport $100 +GST

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